You didn’t have to worry about creating something new each day.

Your digital marketing team is aligned around your personality, expertise, and mission of the brand.

All of your content marketing worked together to get you the dream clients that light you up.

You know the exact ROI for every digital marketing activity you take on.


Imagine if making content marketing only 10% of your focus sounded like the type of strategy you can get behind.

You’ll have a content strategy and a marketing system that will last for years while giving you more time and freedom to focus on other things that light you up. I call it the 10% marketing plan. 

Let’s create an integrated marketing strategy that feels easy and actually sustainable. 

It’s time to enter your low-lift marketing™ era.

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Launch or revive your channel in 90 Days in our hybrid program for business owners

Low-Lift Club
YouTube Program

We'll create a custom YouTube strategy and deliver it within 7-10 business days


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90-minutes of action-oriented strategy and implementation to help you leverage YouTube for business.

These sessions are a mix of collaborative and ask-me-anything styles and are best for business owners who want quick action-oriented support with their YouTube channel and strategy.

During this session, Jamar will ask you specific questions about your business, goals, ideal clients, and also strategize on what improvements or action steps you need to take to see success with your YouTube channel and implement them on the call.

Here are a few things we'll work on together:

  • Audit your YouTube channel and review why it isn’t achieving the results you want

  • Identify strategic topics with SEO focused keywords so that each video attracts more qualified viewers, website traffic, and leads into your funnels.

  • Provide training and education to help you confidently manage your channel

  • Create a custom DIY Plan for you to take immediate action on the improvements we identify. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to DFY implementation with the session fee credited.

At the end of the session you'll receive:

 YouTube Session Recap + One week of email support: This guide will recap the strategic advice we discussed, the focus keywords we found together along with possible topics that relate to them. 

Investment: $697

YouTube Strategy Session

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This is an experience for business owners who want to leverage YouTube and create a low-lift marketing system in their business, but want an expert to build the YouTube content strategy for them. 

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

Strategy Discovery: This is a kickoff call with the CEO/president/owner, head of marketing, and key people on your team who deeply understand your customer. During this call, we learn everything we can about your company's expertise, target audience, and industry, and analyze your current marketing system. We'll get clear on your marketing objectives and use this information to create a YouTube marketing strategy to achieve them.

YouTube Marketing Strategy Delivered in 7 - 10 Business Days: Twelve (12) keyword-specific video topics with SEO guidance; Including video title, secondary keywords/tags, thumbnail copy and thumbnail design direction. 

30 Days FREE ACCESS to the Low-Lift Club: Get instant access my YouTube Membership. You'l have access to all my trainings, templates, monthly group strategy calls, monthly planning sessions, and more. You'll have everything you need to implement the strategy faster. 

Investment: $1,997 (payment plan available)

Done-For-You YouTube Strategy

work with me

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For business owners who want to build a YouTube channel THE RIGHT WAY.

Get instant access to monthly strategy calls, content planning sessions, YouTube for Business signature framework with personalized feedback and support. 

The Low-Lift Club™ Program Includes:

☁️ Monthly Group YouTube Strategy Calls: Have access to Jamar and get your questions answered. Whenever you get stuck on an action item in your strategy and need a little help come to the call and ask your question. Can’t make a session? You’ll be able to submit your question and have it answered so you can watch it later. Replays are available.

☁️ Monthly YouTube Planning Sessions: This is dedicated time where everyone comes together to plan their YouTube content. About each month has a focus with resources to help you make YouTube content planning easier. We also make time for Q+A at the beginning and end of each session. 

☁️ YouTube for Business Foundational Course: Get instant access to the step-by-step course that guides you through launching your channel in 90 days.

☁️ Personalized Feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your YouTube channel while you go through the signature course and each month after.

☁️ YouTube Video Editor Directory: Get instant access to an ever expanding list of high-quality video editors who align with Jamar’s standard for best practices of YouTube video editing and thumbnail design strategy.

☁️ Low-Lift Club™ Community + Member Directory: 24/7 access to a daily chat of other business owners who are committed to launching or reviving their YouTube channel and creating a low-lift YouTube marketing strategy. Use the directory to learn about one another and connect individually. 

Investment: Starting at $147/month

Low-Lift Club™ YouTube Program

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This is an experience for business owners who want ongoing support while during implementation. 

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

Monthly Strategy Calls with Jamar: We’ll review your current channel and marketing analytics and provide feedback based on data to offer suggestions of how to move forward each month

Dynamic YouTube Marketing Performance Dashboard: We'll track your YouTube performance analytics in an easy-to-understand dashboard that is updated every month.

Script Review Calls: These are optional monthly sessions where Jamar will meet with you and provide feedback on your script and offer support to ensure you have everything you need to be prepared for your filming day.

Access to all Digital Products + Training Library: Get instant access to every digital product we have along with individual trainings so you or your team can implement faster.

1:1 Slack Access to Jamar: This is unlimited asynchronous private access. You can ask your questions via private text, audio, or video messages in the Slack channel. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days, but usually faster during business hours. Typical topics of discussion include: topic ideas, lead magnet ideas, YouTube features, ad hoc reviews, filming questions, etc., but don’t limit yourself! Jamar has deep knowledge of all things marketing, so use his expertise!

Video Editor Directory: We’ll help match you with a video editor who has the expertise and processes that meet the JDM standard.

Investment: $4,500 or 6 Monthly payments of $850

YouTube Consulting Retainer

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I take my corporate marketing experience from working in large marketing departments like and to help my clients create integrated marketing strategies that will generate results for years. 

During my years in corporate marketing, my role always required me to create cross-functional marketing strategies and give strategic advice on implementation. When I went full-time into my business in March of 2020, I realized many online businesses have turned themselves into content creators by accident because no matter how much support they had, marketing always ended up being the bulk of their CEO activities. Now I help them create a more sustainable marketing strategy so that they can focus their energy on other activities that light them up and I can’t wait to help you do it too! 

I help visionary leaders create a low-lift marketing strategy across all their marketing platforms so they can make marketing only 10% of their CEO activity and focus on doing the work they love.

Hey! I’m Jamar Diggs

low-lift marketing expert

Alicia Perkins
Career & Professional Development Coach

His knowledge of YouTube was so clear and digestible that it gave me confidence and allowed me to stop overthinking. Immediately after our call, I began to take action & see results. Jamar is passionate about getting results for his clients & helping them maneuver YouTube strategically.

Jamar gave me the push I needed.


Jamar and his team has helped me relaunch my YouTube channel this year and it’s been one of my favorite projects. I’ve been able to triple my audience growth and feel more connected to my viewers and email subscribers. 

I’ve been able to triple my audience growth.

Mackenzie Fleming
Copywriter for Coaches

After working with him I left with so much clarity and confidence because I knew exactly what to do next and start implementing this new strategy for my business. If you’re on the fence, he will give you all the direction you need.

Before working with Jamar I was beyond confused with YouTube. 

Kind words

What happens after I reach out?

We’ll review your information and do one of the three things:
  1. Reach out and offer you an intro call to see if we’re a good fit for each other
  2. Ask you for more information to help understand your needs
  3. Refer you to a trusted expert that can help you more effectively than we can.

We do not offer done-for-you video editing or YouTube management. However, when you work with us we help you build the right team to get the strategy executed. We have a group of trusted experts that we can refer you to.

Can I hire you for video editing or YouTube management?

Nope! You just need to be 100% committed to low-lift marketing. We'll leverage your core platform and help you create a more low-lift marketing system that will allow marketing to be only 10% of your focus.

Do I have to use YouTube in order to work with you?

Nope! We can give you guidance on creating and launching your channel. Also, please note that YouTube is just one of the many ways you can benefit from low-lift marketing. If you have another core platform you would rather use we can create a strategy around that as well. 

Do I have to have an active channel already before working with you? 

We definitely want your team to be involved! During our time together we’ll have sessions with only the CEO and the team members. Your integrated marketing strategy will focus on creating a marketing strategy around the CEOs goals and integrating it around your current team and their strengths/expertise. 

Do you only work with the CEO or can my team be involved? 



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More clients, more results

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More clients, more results

are you ready?