The Reason Why Your Lead Magnet Isn’t Working on YouTube

The lead magnet you’re using for YouTube is probably broken, and that’s okay because we’re going to fix that. Get ready to learn the approach we teach our clients to take with their call to action that allows them to get more leads each and every day with their YouTube videos

I did a video previously about how to script your YouTube videos and the mistakes that people make in their scripting process, so watch that one as well. Let’s get into the lead magnet mistakes so that you can start generating some really good lead magnet ideas that are going to help you attract high-quality people into your sales funnel.

Your Lead Magnet for YouTube is Too Specific

The first mistake that people make with their lead magnets is that it’s so specific. It is actually too specific. Some business owners have so many lead magnets, but I am team quality over quantity. Okay. Because one, when it comes to YouTube, your lead magnet, you really only need one. YouTube is already a daunting task for business owners. I don’t want to add on another one for you to have another lead magnet that makes you have to make a new email sequence and another sales funnel just for that one lead magnet checklist, and most times you’re not going to get the same quality of people in that lead magnet that you really want anyway.

I want your lead magnet to be something that you can use across either all or the majority of your YouTube videos. That way you’re not scrambling trying to find a new quality call to action, and you feel like you have to make something completely new in order to capture new website traffic. Take a look at all the lead magnets that you have and which ones actually are giving you leads. Which one is actually something that people are opting into? Because honestly, when it comes to YouTube, we don’t need a random checklist. And the quality of the lead is probably not that good when you just have all these little freebies, free PDFs or whatever. Think of your YouTube channel as the main lead magnet. That’s the free stuff that they get all the time. We only need one lead magnet to get them into our sales system, and then our sales systems will do the other selling.

Your Lead Magnet for YouTube Should Be Around Your Unique Framework

This takes me to the second point in your lead magnet development. I want you to base your lead magnet around your frameworks and your unique perspective. This makes it super easy for your lead magnet to tie into your offers as well. It makes it easier for you to sell to that person down the road because they already know your unique perspective. I teach this whole process of how your YouTube content strategy and your lead magnet strategy should all be focused around your offers your methodologies and your frameworks in more detail in my YouTube course bundle. It is the easiest way to get a high-quality lead and is able to convert them so much faster if you do it this way.

Just think about it for a second. If your videos are focused around your frameworks and then your lead magnet digs into that framework and presents to them your unique ways of thinking and methodology, this lead is already sold on what you do and how you help people. Now, it’s just up to you to make the offer, and the only thing that matters right now is when is the right time for them to start. You’ve already sold them on why working with you is the best thing to do. They wouldn’t be on the list if they didn’t care to hear more about your unique perspectives or your unique frameworks. The name of the game when it comes to this process is just timing. It all just comes down to whether is now the right time for them to work with you. So you just need to stay top of mind in the email funnels, in your sales system.

These people are already quality people. They already have the pain points that your offer solves, versus you using some type of checklist, an ebook or something that is just solving one mini thing. Use your actual lead magnet to talk about your frameworks and your unique way of thinking. That way when you have a sales call, you’re not trying to sell them on your way, your process. They already know how you separate yourself from other coaches, consultants, or service providers. They just need to figure out if it’s in their budget and when is the time to do it. It’s just the best strategy ever.

Best Lead Magnet Types for YouTube Marketing

So now let’s talk about a few ideas that will help you get a really good lead magnet that is going to attract some problem-aware people and give you more quality leads into your sales system.

Free Training

I love a nice free training, whether it’s live or recorded. I really like the recorded ones for YouTube because you never know where your traffic is coming from, especially if you use the strategies that we talked about. You’re going to get people into your sales systems every single day, so a live training may not be the easiest way for you to convert them because they could be in a different time zone. I love a pre-recorded one that talks about your strategies, and your unique perspectives, also solving that problem for them while getting insight into your unique way of thinking. The free training is nurturing them even more, getting them on your side of thinking.


A quiz is so easy to segment people based on their answers. You also are able to give them results that relate to your frameworks by asking specific questions. Also, maybe some demographic information, some characteristics that they can answer for you, and so you’re getting really two things in one. With this lead magnet, you’re getting more information about that person, but then you’re also able to give them results that relate to your frameworks, to your unique way of thinking, and the steps you take whenever you work with clients. It’s a win-win really, because then you’re able to segment and send them more specific emails.

Private Podcast

The private podcast is great because now you have your YouTube videos bringing in problem-aware people who have no idea who you are, but if they want to dig deeper and learn more about your stuff, they’re able to do that in a private podcast. You get them onto your email list and now you’re able to nurture them, and then they’re able to binge listen to your private podcast while they’re doing other stuff. You have the benefit of both podcasting and your YouTube strategy. I think it’s so great, especially when you pair it with other email marketing strategies as well.

Final Thoughts

Those are the three lead magnet types that I really, really do love whenever it comes to YouTube, and if it’s got you thinking a little bit more strategically around adding more quality call-to-actions in your YouTube videos, then I’m so happy.

This is just one of the few steps that you need to consider when you are creating a whole YouTube marketing strategy for your business. Take my free YouTube strategy training where you’re going to learn all of the steps that you need to take to develop a really good and converting YouTube content strategy so that you can start generating problem-aware leads and get more people into your email list just like our clients are able to do.

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