The BEST YouTube Content Marketing Strategy for Your Online Coaching Business in 2024

Let’s break down everything you need to know about using YouTube for business so that you can start attracting high-quality clients.

Understanding YouTube as a Search Engine

Let’s kick things off by diving into a fundamental concept: treating YouTube as a search engine. Now, if you’ve been following my channel, you know I talk about this all the time. Because for us in the coaching and service provider industry, YouTube is more than just a content-sharing platform; it’s a powerful search engine.  We want YouTube to categorize us in our expertise so that when people are searching for answers that we know and that we have videos on, our videos can show up there.

Using Your Unique Framework and Methodology in the YouTube Strategy for Business

Being able to quickly utilize the search engine that YouTube has is going to be so impactful for your YouTube strategy as an online coach, consultant or service provider. And the way that we do this really is by using your framework and your methodology. This is going be something that we use as the foundation of your YouTube channel. Your unique perspective becomes the magic that draws clients to you. YouTube becomes the stage where you showcase and highlight that magic. What are the key concepts and core components of your work? These form the bedrock of your framework, setting you apart from other similar channels in your space.

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Crafting the Perfect Lead Magnet for Your YouTube Channel Strategy

Now, because you are super clear and super confident in how you help people and how you help them go from point A to point B, let’s make a lead magnet about it. That’s one of the key things that I think is so important when it comes to a YouTube channel. This lead magnet is going to be the main call to action throughout every single video.

Unlike generic checklists or guides, I recommend creating a lead magnet closely aligned with your unique methodology. This ensures your audience, already intrigued by your framework, is motivated to go deeper into your content. Your lead magnet becomes the gateway, attracting individuals genuinely interested in your approach.

The YouTube Funnel: Attract Problem-Aware Viewers to Your Channel

Let’s dive into the concept of the YouTube funnel. A lot of people just think that YouTube is just giving free content, but that’s why people don’t see success with YouTube. 

Anchor Videos: These are your frequently asked questions or tutorials designed to draw in views and traffic. Think of them as the initial hook to capture attention.

Shifting Perspectives Videos: Now, we go deeper into your unique way of thinking. These videos challenge viewers to reconsider their challenges, making them think differently about their pain points.

Combating Objections Videos: Addressing common hesitations or objections potential clients might have. By tackling this head-on, you eliminate barriers and build trust.

Client Stories or Personal Stories: Reflective storytelling that allows viewers to envision themselves in the transformative journey you offer. Bonus points if it features a past client sharing their success story.

Scripting YouTube Videos for Conversion

Every video should be a powerful marketing asset. Here’s where scripting comes into play. Scripting or outlining your videos correctly ensures you don’t miss opportunities to build authority, connection, and trust. It’s about turning each piece of content into a converting force.

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