How to Sell Courses on YouTube as a Consultant

About The Project

Carrie Melissa Jones is a leading expert in community building, known for her work as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She helps organizations create impactful connections and strong communities, both online and offline. Her innovative approach continues to inspire others to develop spaces where people truly belong.

YouTube Strategy + Channel Management for a Community Strategist

When Carrie approached us she wanted a more low-lift and sustainable approach to selling her digital courses. She has an amazing sales funnel in place and needed a way to send consistent and quality traffic into it. She was currently using Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email to market her business, but she wanted to lean further into leveraging her YouTube channel. After working together, our strategy generated a 90% increase in views, and 4x her channel subscriber growth.

The Challenge

Before working with us, Carrie relied heavily on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. She would do a huge launch around her cohort-based platforms which started to become exhausting. For her evergreen course, she would promote them occasionally on social media, but because of the inconsistency, the sales weren’t where she wanted them to be. She also would be expecting a beautiful baby girl soon (yay!) so creating a system to passively sell her evergreen courses became an even bigger priority.

Increasing Visibility and Engagement to Sell Courses on YouTube

Carrie had an existing channel before working with us but hadn’t invested in any strategy before. We partnered with her to help her reach these goals:

  • Be found on YouTube and Google search by people searching for help with community building

  • Increase the amount of organic traffic to her site with YouTube

  • Increase the YouTube subscriber base and build more of a connection to the community

These efforts were aimed at ultimately helping her sell courses on YouTube.

Our Approach

After chatting with Carrie, we decided our full-service YouTube management package would be the best fit. This would allow us to be hands-on during the implementation stage of the strategy while Carrie continues to lead her business.

During our time together, we provided strategic keyword research, YouTube content strategy, video editing, and channel management.

YouTube Keyword Research

Carrie indicated she wanted to be found in searches specifically relating to community building and strategy, so we researched what keywords users were actively searching for and ways we could insert her expertise. Because Carrie had an existing YouTube we also reviewed her YouTube analytics to see what current keywords and phrases the channel was already bringing in traffic on and what other channels were suggesting her content.

YouTube Content Strategy

Carrie wanted to drive YouTube viewers to her free community building masterclass, so we created content that targeted her ideal client’s challenges that they actively search for on YouTube to solve. We worked with Carrie on scripting so each video would nurture the viewers and compel them to watch more of her strategically targeted videos or join the masterclass.

Google Analytics Integration

To track masterclass signups we integrated Google Analytics with her website. We created events and set up conversion tracking to help her identify the different traffic sources of her masterclass opt-ins.

YouTube Channel And Video Optimization

We optimized each video using YouTube SEO best practices to increase Carrie’s chances of being categorized as a community-building and strategy education channel and to have her content suggested to the right audience. Each of Carrie’s videos has an engaging thumbnail, and keyword-rich titles, tags, and video descriptions. Here’s an example of one of the videos we worked with Carrie on:

The End Result

After working together, our strategy generated a 90% increase in views, a 4x increase in her channel subscriber growth with over 200 new email subscribers from YouTube in the first year. 

Some project highlights include:

  • Over 11k views for her channel in 10 months

  • From 200 subscribers to over 1,000 subscribers in less than a year.

  • 33% of Carrie’s channel traffic has been from YouTube searches.

  • This means Carrie’s videos are being found in searches and she is ranking for related keywords and phrases.

  • Carrie also has passive sales of her course from people who continue to watch her YouTube videos after our time together.

I’ve Been Able to 4x My Audience Growth

Jamar and his team has helped me relaunch my YouTube channel this year and it’s been one of my favorite projects. I’ve been able to 4x my audience growth and feel more connected to my viewers and email subscribers. I’ve seen top-of-funnel (followers, subscribers) impact and sales revenue from an evergreen course, including a celebrity who signed up after discovering ONE video of mine.

Worth it especially because I know it will keep paying dividends for the next year+ and I don’t have to do anything else to promote my evergreen program right now. 10/10 would hire Jamar! If I didn’t have Jamar’s help I wouldn’t have been able to seamlessly tie all this stuff together and my videos would not be as strategic. So seriously get a partner to do this with to get off on the right foot!

— Carrie Melissa Jones, Community Strategist, and Author

Want to experience magic for yourself?

We’d love to work with you to help leverage YouTube for your business. Check out my services page to explore how we can work together or use this link to get in touch.

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