Growing a YouTube Channel Organically to 29k Views in 1 Year

About The Project

Cecily Clements is an immigration attorney based in California. She helps U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents petition for their undocumented spouses to obtain legal status.

YouTube Strategy + Channel Management for an Immigration Attorney

Cecily approached us to enhance her YouTube channel, “RootMigration,” which focuses on Consular Processing content. Despite her informative content, her channel struggled with low visibility and subscriber growth. After working together, our strategy generated 29,900 views and 658 subscribers in one year.

The Challenge

Cecily’s channel faced several challenges before our collaboration:

  • Low Visibility: Limited search ranking and discoverability of videos.
  • Inconsistent Traffic: Fluctuating viewer engagement without a steady growth pattern.
  • Slow Subscriber Growth: Difficulty in converting viewers into subscribers.
  • Engagement: Needed to increase viewer retention and interaction with the content.

To address these challenges, we set the following goals for Cecily’s YouTube channel:

  1. Improve Visibility: Enhance search rankings and discoverability through strategic SEO optimization.
  2. Increase Traffic: Drive consistent and growing traffic to the channel by optimizing content and leveraging YouTube algorithms.
  3. Boost Subscriber Growth: Convert more viewers into subscribers through compelling content and clear calls to action.
  4. Enhance Engagement: Increase viewer retention and interaction by producing high-quality, relevant content.

Our Approach

To address these challenges, we decided our full-service YouTube management package would be the best fit. This would allow us to be hands-on during the implementation stage of the strategy while Whitney continues to lead her business.

During our time together, we provided strategic keyword research, YouTube content strategy, video editing, and channel management.

YouTube Keyword Research

Cecily indicated she wanted to be found in searches specifically relating to the consular processing process, so we researched what keywords users were actively searching for and ways we could insert her expertise. During this time we also identified high-impact keywords related to immigration and the visa processes

YouTube Content Strategy

We created video topics around common immigration issues and solutions, ensuring relevance and viewer interest.

YouTube Channel And Video Optimization

We optimized each video using YouTube SEO best practices to increase Cecily’s chances of being categorized as a consular processing education channel and to have her content suggested to the right audience. Each of Cecily’s videos has an engaging thumbnail, and keyword-rich titles, tags, and video descriptions. Here’s an example of one of the videos we worked with Cecily on:

The End Result

After over a year of working together, our YouTube optimization strategy, Cecily’s channel experienced remarkable growth:

  • Views: Increased from 108 to 29.9K, achieving substantial visibility.
  • Watch Time: Increased from 3.6 hours to 2.5K hours.
  • Subscribers: Gained an additional 658 subscribers, starting from 7.

These results highlight the effectiveness of our targeted content and SEO optimization strategies in driving significant channel growth and engagement.

Top Performing Videos

Cecily’s video “My Case is at the National Visa Center, Now What?” reached 11.0K views.

Traffic Sources

Major traffic came from browse features (51.6%) and suggested videos (22.1%), indicating strong engagement leading to an increase in suggested placement by YouTube.

Want to experience magic for yourself?

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