How to Grow Your Email List FAST with YouTube

YouTube Strategy + Channel Management for a conversion copywriter and copy template shop owner.

About The Project

When Sarah approached us she wanted to expand her current marketing strategy. She was currently using Instagram, Facebook, and email to market her business, but she wanted to explore a more evergreen strategy as she prepares for the upcoming launch of her content template shop. After working together, our strategy generated over 700 new email subscribers from YouTube in the first year.

The Challenge

Before working with us, Sarah relied heavily on Facebook and Instagram. She wanted a more sustainable way of being visible to more people searching for help with content so she could grow an audience for the upcoming content template shop launch. Time was a major challenge for her, but she knew she wanted to explore a more evergreen visibility strategy with YouTube and take advantage of the powerful YouTube search engine.

Sarah was new to YouTube and hadn’t invested in any strategy before. We built her channel from the ground up to help her reach these goals:

  • Be found on YouTube and Google search by people searching for help with content

  • Grow her email audience in preparation for the upcoming template shop launch

  • Position her as an expert in content marketing and conversion copywriting

Our Approach

After chatting with Sarah, we decided our full-service YouTube management package would be the best fit. This would allow us to be hands-on during the implementation stage of the strategy while Sarah continues to lead her business.

During our time together, we provided strategic keyword research, YouTube content strategy, video editing, and channel management.

YouTube Keyword Research + Competitor Analysis

Since Sarah was new to YouTube we needed to learn more about her target audience and their behavior patterns to understand what content they are actively searching for on YouTube. Once we understood Sarah’s target audience we did a competitor analysis of channels that were publishing similar content. We wanted to see what keywords and videos drove the most traffic to their competitor’s channel and how we could use this information to benefit Sarah’s new channel.

YouTube Content Strategy

After understanding Sarah’s target audience, identifying keywords with a high search volume and low competition, and researching similar channels that were more established, we created content that directly targeted her ideal client’s challenges that they actively search for on YouTube to solve. We consulted Sarah on specific lead magnets to use as a call to action in each video to increase her email subscribers. This content strategy will increase Sarah’s visibility in the YouTube search engine and attract a problem-aware email subscriber she can nurture for copywriting services or her upcoming content template shop.

YouTube Channel + Video Optimization

We optimized each video using YouTube SEO best practices to increase Sarah’s chances of being categorized as a content marketing education channel and to have her content be suggested to the right audience. Each of Sarah’s videos has an engaging thumbnail, and keyword-rich titles, tags, and video descriptions. Here’s an example of one of the videos we worked with Sarah on:

The End Result

After working together, our strategy generated over 700 new email subscribers from YouTube in the first year.

Some project highlights include:

  • You don’t have to have a huge following to get results from YouTube. Sarah only has 250 subscribers and a channel with just over 11k views across 20 videos. Each business takes a different approach to getting new problem-aware people into their sales funnels.

  • Over 700 new problem-aware email subscribers in the first year. These are targeted people who have a problem Sarah can solve. These numbers will continue to grow month over move because of the evergreen content strategy we implemented. 

  • With these new people in her marketing ecosystem, she can easily segment and sell them an offer that best fits their situation. Sarah can now retarget this audience since we have the Facebook pixel installed.

  • 44% of Sarah’s channel traffic came from YouTube searches. This means Sarah’s videos are being found in searches and she is ranking for related keywords and phrases. 

  • Sarah’s channel is also being suggested along with other similar videos and other viewers’ homepages. This is a direct result of our content and YouTube SEO strategy

Jamar Helped Me Double My Email List

“I highly recommend Jamar for YouTube strategy and management. He helped me double my email, and I still get 1-2 new people every day from the first video I ever did with him. In the last year, we’ve sent 789 people straight to my email list with YouTube. He’s experienced with YouTube SEO and can make sure it fits into your overall SEO strategy.”

Sarah Jane Burt, Conversion Copywriter + Founder of The DIY Copy Shop

Want to experience the magic for yourself?

We’d love to work with you to help leverage YouTube for your business. Check out my services page to explore how we can work together or use this link to get in touch.

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