How to Get 43% More Traffic on YouTube as an Online Coach

About The Project

Asia Abston is a Dropshipping and Instagram strategist who helps small businesses grow their online presence and sales. Asia serves her audience via coaching and various problem-specific courses.

YouTube Strategy and Channel Management for a Dropshipping + Instagram Expert

When Asia approached us she wanted to expand her current marketing strategy beyond Instagram and add YouTube as an evergreen traffic source for her business. During our time together, we created a custom YouTube strategy and managed her channel for one year. After 12 months of working together, our strategy generated over 43k+ views for her channel with 43% of views coming from YouTube searches.

The Challenge

Before working with us, Asia’s social media strategy consisted of showing up multiple times a day on Instagram and facilitating solo and joint Instagram lives, which led her to burnout. While generating leads and sales with this solo platform strategy, she wanted to explore a way to make marketing less demanding of her time. That’s what interested her with YouTube. She knew YouTube was a search engine, but she didn’t know how to use YouTube as an evergreen traffic source for her business. 

Establishing Aisa’s Authority as the Dropshipping Expert on YouTube

Asia was new to YouTube and hadn’t invested in strategy before. She relied solely on Instagram. We built her channel from the ground up to help her reach these goals:

  • To be found on YouTube and Google search for keywords and phrases around Dropshipping

  • To drive YouTube Viewers to her free dropshipping masterclass

  • Increase her visibility as an authority for dropshipping and marketing education for those building e-commerce businesses

Our Approach

After chatting with Asia, we decided our full-service YouTube management package would be the best fit. This would allow us to be hands-on during the implementation stage of the strategy while Asia continues to lead her business. 

During our partnership, we provided strategic keyword research, YouTube content strategy, video editing, and channel management.

YouTube Keyword Research

Asia indicated she wanted to be found in searches specifically relating to dropshipping, so we researched what keywords users were actively searching for and ways we could insert her expertise. Because Asia’s YouTube channel would be brand new, it was important for us to find keywords that would help her channel get categorized quickly with the YouTube algorithm, so we made sure to find keywords with a high search volume and low competition.

YouTube Content Strategy

Asia wanted to drive YouTube viewers to her free dropshipping masterclass, so we created content that targeted her ideal client’s challenges that they actively search for on YouTube to solve. We worked with Asia on scripting so each video would nurture the viewers and compel them to watch more of her strategically targeted videos or join the masterclass.

YouTube Channel and Video Optimization

We optimized each video using YouTube SEO best practices to increase Asia’s chances of being categorized as a dropshipping education channel and to have her content be suggested to the right audience. Each of Asia’s videos has an engaging thumbnail, and keyword-rich titles, tags, and video descriptions. Here’s an example of one of the videos we worked with Asia on:

The End Result

After 12 months of working together, our strategy generated over 43k+ views for her channel with 43% of views coming from YouTube searches.

Some project highlights include:

Traffic Sources

  • 43% of Asia’s channel traffic has been from YouTube searches.

  • This means Asia’s videos are being found in searches and she is ranking for related keywords and phrases. (See keywords and phrases in the “How viewers find your videos” section)

Top Performing Video

Here’s an example from one of the videos from Asia’s Channel:

  • This video has a 13.2% impression click-through rate. The average is 4-5%. (The percentage of people who have clicked through to watch this video from wherever place they saw it)

  • 64% of the traffic going to this video is from YouTube Search.

Want to experience the magic for yourself?

We’d love to work with you to help leverage YouTube for your business. Check out my services page to explore how we can work together or use this link to get in touch.

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