YOuTube strategy sessions

Actionable Strategic Advice from YouTube Marketing Expert,
Jamar Diggs.

A 90-min implementation session to improve your existing YouTube channel and strategy.

Get the roadmap to a simplified YouTube marketing strategy that brings in new dream clients to your business each month. It's time to live in your low-lift marketing era. 
What if you were able to take your power back from social media algorithms, vanity engagement metrics, and trends because you are able to close more deals without having to focus on marketing every single day. 

Imagine if you knew:

👉🏾 How to leverage YouTube in a way that allows you to do more, but work less

👉🏾 The gaps in your current strategy that were preventing you from doubling or tripling the amount of people that enter your funnel 

👉🏾 The uncovered opportunities you have in your marketing systems that can help you or your team be on the same page with a clear process

👉🏾 What processes you’ll you need to implement for yourself that will help you focus on the marketing activities that really move the needle

You may have ghosted your channel in the past, but you're ready to revive it with a strategy this time. 

Or You've been active on your channel, but you're seeing slow results. It's starting to feel like a hobby at this point.

Let's work together

Does this sound like you?

You went into business to help people and make an impact -- not slowly turn into a content creator. With my help, we'll make sure you can show up on social media when you want to because your YouTube channel us doing the bulk of the selling and finding new people for you.

Maybe you've been using another platform like Instagram most of your marketing, but you're ready to diversify and add the YouTube search engine to your marketing strategy.

This is your era of visibility. You know video marketing is going to position you as an expert educator/ industry leader and set you up for larger opportunities like speaking on stages. 

Let’s look at your YouTube strategy together and uncover any missed opportunities so you can see what’s truly needed to make your marketing more low-lift than it has ever been.

My clients get results that feel like magic, when really it’s just strategy.

They have a low-lift marketing strategy that will bring in results for years. You may have tried YouTube in the past, but you haven’t tried it with a strategic partner in your corner to get you results like …

When you have the right strategy in place these views convert into more people into your marketing ecosystem that you get to sell to. You get to show up online as the vibe you want to be because you have an evergreen content marketing system working for you behind the scenes.

This client went from having less than 80 views to having 2.2k+ views per video on average as a result of launching their low-lift YouTube strategy with me. 

This client went from having less than 50 views per video to having a channel that generates 2.5k+ views per month on average after being consistent with my YouTube strategy.

Before working with me, this client's channel had ZERO views. After 9 months, they now have a low-lift YouTube strategy that has generated over 40k+ views.

This client started from scratch with a new channel with ZERO views. After 12 months of working together, my YouTube strategy contributed to generating over 43k+ views for her channel.

Ready for the details?

90-minutes of action-oriented strategy and implementation to help you leverage YouTube for business.

These sessions are a mix of collaborative and ask-me-anything styles and are best for business owners who want quick action-oriented support with their YouTube channel and strategy.

During this session, Jamar will ask you specific questions about your business, goals, ideal clients, and also strategize on what improvements or action steps you need to take to see success with your YouTube channel and implement them on the call.

Here are a few things we'll work on together:

  • Audit your YouTube channel and review why it isn’t achieving the results you want

  • Identify strategic topics with SEO focused keywords so that each video attracts more qualified viewers, website traffic, and leads into your funnels.

  • Provide training and education to help you confidently manage your channel

  • Create a custom DIY Plan for you to take immediate action on the improvements we identify. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to DFY implementation with the session fee credited.

At the end of the session you'll receive:

 YouTube Session Recap + One week of email support: This guide will recap the strategic advice we discussed, the focus keywords we found together along with possible topics that relate to them. 

YouTube Strategy Session


☁️ Monthly Group YouTube + Integrated Marketing Strategy Calls: Have access to Jamar and get your questions answered. Whenever you get stuck on an action item in your strategy and need a little help come to the call and ask your question. Can’t make a session? You’ll be able to submit your question and have it answered so you can watch it later. Replays are available.

☁️ Monthly Co-working: Need time to brainstorm topics, create your scripts, film your video, or work on other marketing tasks? This is dedicated time on your calendar where everyone can come together and get things done.

☁️ Access to Live Workshops: Get real-time access to trainings taught LIVE about YouTube and integrated marketing strategy so you can always live in your Low-Lift Marketing™ era.

☁️ Low-Lift Club™ Shop Digital Products: Get instant access to every digital product in the shop so you can learn and implement at a time that’s convenient to you.

☁️ Training Library: You’ll have access to an always-expanding knowledge base with tutorials trainings, and templates to help you create ONE unified strategy across all your marketing platforms while creating a content strategy and marketing system that will last you for years.

☁️ YouTube Video Editor Directory: Get instant access to an ever expanding list of high-quality video editors who align with Jamar’s standard for best practices of YouTube video editing and thumbnail design strategy.

☁️ Low-Lift Club™ Community + Member Directory: 24/7 access to a daily chat of other visionary leaders who are committed to making marketing only 10% of their focus. Use the directory to learn about one another and connect individually. 

Being a member of the Low-Lift Club™ includes:

INVESTMENT: $97/MONTH (cancel at any time)

Get everything in the base Low-Lift club™ plan plus:

☁️ Bi-weekly Group Live Review + YouTube Strategy Calls: Have access to Jamar and get your questions answered. Whenever you get stuck on an action item in your strategy and need a little help come to the call and ask your question. These calls also include live material reviews. Jamar will review and give feedback on anything marketing or YouTube-related for you on this call. Can’t make a session? You’ll be able to submit your question and have it answered so you can watch it later. Replays are available.

☁️ Private Group Chat for support between calls: Get access to our private group chat to celebrate wins and ask for feedback, where Jamar is just a "@" tag away and drops in regularly to provide strategic direction, coaching, and inspiration.

Note: This plan requires a 6-month commitment 

This Level of the Low-Lift Club™ includes:

6 monthly payments of $583.33 (Or $3k PIF)

Your subscription for the membership can be cancelled at any time. However, we do not offer refunds after joining. Failure to make your payments on time will result in your account being cancelled. You may rejoin in the future by starting a new subscription.

Can my membership be cancelled?


The Low-Lift Club™ Community is $97 per month. This is a subscription service. It's just like Netflix. You pay per month and when/if you cancel or stop paying you lose access to all of the content inside.

How much does the membership cost?


The low-lift club is best for established business owners who want to scale their marketing in a sustainable way that doens’t take up more of their time. It is not best for new business owners who are not sure of their offer, target audience, or are new to making sales in their business.

Who is the Low-Lift Club™ Community for?


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